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Introduction and Chapter 1

Earth Action Training is about gaining the tools to apply permaculture immediately into your life. It is our hope that all students who take this course also take action in their own communities. We can envision each of ourselves as pebbles thrown into a still pond. The pebble is the journey you are about to embark on and the pond is the Earth. Each time a pebble is tossed into the pond it evokes a ripple. Every ripple will spread out in a concentric ring from every pebble tossed. In places, the concentric rings will touch, and if there are enough pebbles thrown into the pond, the entire surface will be covered with ripples.

We have included this independent study course for download. You will find inspirational and educational stories, immersion, research assignments and worksheets. At, we recognize the importance of documenting your learning journey. Therefore, we created Earth Action Training to assist you in this documentation. We will also occasionally post other students' works as examples.

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